[pmwiki-users] the last step to complete pmwiki installation

Deano awared at inbox.com
Thu Sep 20 03:13:39 CDT 2007

Dear pmWiki users,
I just installed pmwiki and of all the wiki's so far (tikiwiki and  
this was the easiest. Except that now that everything seems ok and the
installation is finished I don't know how to access my page.
I just made a config.php file and edited it choosing a password and
placed it docs. Now when I go to www.mysite.com/mywiki/pmwiki.php
I still see the help pages. Another thing that's confusing is that I  
select a admin name having in php:
$DefaultPasswords['admin'] = crypt('mypassword');
is my admin name "admin"?
So What's next. I appreciate any help.
Thank you,

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