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Sat Sep 15 00:39:51 CDT 2007

Hi Mike -- the tag edit field is fantastic, but it'd be perfect if it
converted from a friendly human-readable tag list (tag 1, tag 2, etc) in the
edit form, into PmWiki markup on the page ([[!tag 1]],[[!tag2]],[[!etc]]),
and vice versa. I recall this being briefly discussed on the thread
following the first release of EditMore, and I'd hack it in myself but my
PHP-fu is painfully out of practice.

Also, EditMore doesn't seem to play well with pages that have categories
already written into the body of the page itself (MediaCat seems to find
them alright, though); the tags show up in the main body edit section but
not in the tags edit field. Would it be possible for EditMore to also scoop
up these preexisting tags and put them in the tags edit field?

Thanks so much for your terrific recipe!

On 8/31/07, Mike Shanley <up at upisup.com> wrote:
> Expanded and Improved!
> Now you can create a list of tags--that is, categories that you can't
> see on the page--and enforce it if you like.
> You can make these categories visible (along with any others on the
> page) by using Ben Wilson's MediaCategories. Otherwise, the tagged pages
> will show up in your Category group, but they won't be visible on the
> page itself.... This is actually a great feature for sites where the
> Category group is the centerpiece... Such as for Recipes, Science, and
> Study.
> Finally, along with the option to make the Title, Description, Keywords,
> and Tags mandatory, you can also make the Summary mandatory--though the
> code for that was 'borrowed' from the recipe RequireSummary, by Kathryn
> Andersen, Patrick R. Michaud, and Thomas "Balu" Walter... primarily
> because it seemed to belong as part of this script.
> Also, some of you might be interested in another recipe I just posted:
> ShortCutsMarkup, which allows administrators, and at their option,
> users, to make limited, easy markup without the knowledge of regex and
> the backend. It's actually a very powerful tool if one thinks outside
> the box.
> Here are the links:
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/EditMore
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/ShortCutsMarkup
> -Mike
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