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Chris Carter ccarter at lbcc.edu
Thu Sep 13 17:39:34 CDT 2007

Dear PmWiki community,


First I want to thank those that answered my last question a week or so
ago.  The comment box and include solutions should work well.  


I have a new issue...


1.        How can I make a link on one page that, when clicked, opens
another page in edit mode automatically?

2.       Then, when the page is edited and saved, how can PmWiki return
to the first page?


An example:


Pretend I have a page called Main.Comments with a  series of links in a
table of contents at the top of the page.  If someone clicks on a link,
say "Comments on Travel," I would like the Main.TravelComments page to
open in edit mode automatically.  When the user saves the edits, I want
to automatically return to Main.Comments, where I will have an
(:include:) directive that shows their comments.


As per my last email, I think this is the best way to password protect
all pages except those such as Main.TravelComments.  


Lastly, could the Captcha recipe be included in this process somehow?
That should cut down on bots, correct?




Chris Carter 

(non-programmer newbie)

(but learning fast!)

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