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Thanks for your note....

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David Fionda wrote:
> Hello All
> A couple of questions...
> 1.) I am trying to set up PMWiki  for use with multiple classes. Each
> class will have their own wiki.  SHould i use category pages to do this?
The easiest way would be to use groups... So all pages for different classes
would be linked to like this: [[AmericanHistory/Homework1]] and
[[WorldHistory/Quiz3]]. With this setup, you could use the Main group for
your policies: [[Main/Grading]] and [[Main/BiographyOfMrDave]].

If you don't want people from different classes to even SEE the rest of the
classes stuff, you can create a wikifarm... which is pretty easy, but a
little out-of-the-way as far as these things go.

That's a great idea...thanks!

> 2.)  I want to embed PM WIki into another application, Is there some
> reference to do that?
Do you mean into another INTERNET application? Or into Powerpoint? The first
is possible, but will take some work. The second is not possible.

I have an existing web site that using its own CSS that I want to call the
content of PMWIki into and format it using the CSS file of that web site....
The layout is 2 columns.  
Is there someone who I can have write a skin based on my layout?

> 3.)  Also, can I create a page in another application other than PM
> WIki. WHich script should I run to do that?
Again, when I create a class in my COurse System, I want to automatically
create the wiki default pages for that class.  Can I do that from my php
course system?
There are scripts in the cookbook to convert from microsoft word, excel, and
possibly a few others in the cookbook. It's not that efficient however.
Better would be to create your pages in PmWiki using the DocumentIndex as
your guide. You can do everything (and more ;) with it anyway.

If you need images or other such niceities in your pages, you can easily
attach them to the page.

If you could be more specific with your needs, the people around here could
better help you... But I hope my answer helped a bit. I've seen a few
teachers around here (myself included) that use PmWiki in different ways.
Thanks again Mike!


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