[pmwiki-users] How can I include page content in e-mail notification

Honglan Jin hjin at fstrf.org
Thu Sep 6 13:23:22 CDT 2007

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 06, 2007 at 01:39:48PM -0400, Honglan Jin wrote:
>>    Hi all,
>>    Is there a way to include a page content in e-mail notification?
>>    We set up e-mail notification when some pages are created/changed
>>    with the page links.
>>    Since wiki is under intranet setting, when we get e-mails, we can't just
>>    click
>>    the link to reach to the pages if we check out e-mail outside intranet.
>>    So we want to include the full page content in e-mail notification.
>>    How can I do this?
> I have a few questions about this (that illustrate why it's
> a difficult problem):
> 1.  Are you wanting a full copy of the page for every change that
>     is made?  For example, suppose someone makes a change to a page,
>     and then does a couple of minor typographical edits.  Would
>     this mean there are three complete copies of the page in the
>     email that is sent?
The pages that I want to include with full content are newly created ones.
Once they are created, it's assumed they are not changed or changed often.
For example, every one in our group is asked to post his/her daily 
progress report to our
wiki website. Every such report has its own link (URL) with the link 
name based on the date the report is posted . Then we automatically send 
the links to the group so that every one follows the link to read reports.
Sometimes when people are on vacation or work at home, due to intranet 
nature of wiki,
they can't check reports. If a report is posted and the author comes 
back to edit on it, we
get the notification every time that happens. But we assume that does 
not happen often.
> 2.  Do you want the pages' contents to be (a) sent as HTML or 
>     (b) converted to text first?  If the contents are to be
>     sent as HTML, does the entire email need to then become
>     a properly-formatted HTML document?  If the contents are
>     sent as text, how accurately does it need to represent
>     the updated page?
The page's content can be either HTML or text. I know there's a cookbook 
for converting a page
to pdf, which seems to accurately represent the original content of the 
page. My question is how can
I include the converted HTML or text or pdf page content to the 
notification e-mail?
With regard to how the page content is translated to HTML or extract a 
segment of text
from the page, is there a way we can do this?
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