[pmwiki-users] Farms

Mark Trumpold mtrumpold at cacegypt.org
Sun Sep 2 03:59:35 CDT 2007

Hi All

If I make a farmconfig I place that in the wiki 1 That will be the home
wiki. I leave the local config there right?



On 22/8/07 5:53 PM, "Mike Shanley" <up at upisup.com> wrote:

> Mark Trumpold wrote:
>> Hi All
>> I have tried reading the instructions on farms and I still seem to be having
>> trouble. Could someone help, please ...
>> I have a wiki (Wiki 1) running that I am very happy with.
>> I want to make my other existing and new wikis to use the Wiki 1 get all the
>> same scripts, recipes, guiedit buttons, passwords and so on.
>> I understand about he wrapper script pointing to wiki 1 that needs to
>> replace the pmwiki.php and that works (I think) but setting up the config
>> etc I cant make it work or make sense of the documentation
>> Thanks
>> Mark
> Mark,
> There are a few things you need to do to get that farm working and your
> scripts transfered.
> 1. Copy your local/config.php into local/farmconfig.php
> 2. In farmconfig.php, replace all include_once('cookbook/whatever.php');
> with include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/whatever.php");
> These two steps will make it so that all of your farms have identical
> settings to your main wiki. Next, you've got to create
> FarmFolder/local/config.php for all of your farms to change the title,
> script url, pub dir, skin, etc etc according to the Farm wiki pages. If
> you follow on all of the Farm wiki pages, you shouldn't have any problems.

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