[pmwiki-users] Permissions puzzle

Henrik henrik.bechmann at sympatico.ca
Fri Mar 30 10:54:01 CDT 2007

I use PmWiki for buckets of websites on a single Unix webserver account. 
All was going well until my hosting company upgraded my shared hosting 
server to PHP 5.2.1. A good thing to upgrade, but all of a sudden all my 
wikis broke, with "unable to obtain .flock file" (among other things).

After several days of (in the end) pointless dialog with my host service 
company (webserve.ca), I ended up having to change rights on all wiki.d 
and uploads directories from 755 to 777. I presume this means that 
whereas PHP previously had owner rights, it now has none, and therefore 
needs public access to write directories.

Does anyone know where to look for a configuration change on my host 
that would make this happen? If useful, you can see the php 
configuration at dufferinpark.ca/phpinfo.php.

My web host BTW proffered the rather desperate theory that someone had 
hacked my account and systematically altered permissions on all my wiki 
directories (there are at least a couple of dozen). This is not true. I 


- Henrik


Henrik Bechmann
Webmaster, www.dufferinpark.ca

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