[pmwiki-users] Randomize Pages

The Editor editor at fast.st
Sun Mar 25 07:56:02 CDT 2007

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On 3/25/07, [] Jamie <followtheboat at gmail.com> wrote:
> OK, I can see a good use of the Pagelist for article teasers. As I
> understand it I use the markup:
> (:pagelist fmt=PagelistTemplateSamples#articleteasers
> group=Main count=1:)

> However I'm not sure about the code. Is this the code that the above markup
> is calling?
> [[#articleteasers]]
> [+{=$Title}+]
> %define=leftborder border-left="2px solid #88f" margin-left="2px" padding="0
> 0 0 10px"%
> >>leftborder<<(:include {=$FullName} lines=5:)
> %right% [-[[{=$FullName}|Read More]]-]
> (:if ! equal {>$Group}:)
> >><<
> (:if:)
> [[#articleteasersend]]
> Do I place this code in a separate page? If so, what is that page called?
> I'm a little confused, especially by the 'fmt' command.

You can past the template on the same page, but if you do you do you
should surround it by

>>comment<<  and >><< so it doesn't show up on the page.

Normally however it is placed on Site.LocalTemplates.  If put on this
page, it will be available anywhere in your wiki.  If you put it on
the page, it is available on just that page.

The fmt parameter in the pagelist markup just tells PmWiki what format
to look for when constructing the pagelist.

Either way the pagelist should probably be

(:pagelist fmt=#articleteasers group=Main count=1 order=random:)


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