[pmwiki-users] Pagelist {$$option} does not accept page variable value?

Roman romat2 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 18:37:14 CDT 2007

> Try displaying just {$TodayISO} and {$SevenDaysAgoISO} before
> the (:pagelist:) directive, just to make sure they're correct.
> Also, inside of the pagelist template, display {$$startdate}
> and {$$enddate} as part of the output (not just in the (:if:)
> statement), so we can see what values are appearing there.
> > It looks like pagelist {$$option} does not accept page variable value.
> No, that's supposed to work, so it's either a bug in PmWiki
> or something else must be going wrong here.

My "Oops" follow-up hit the problem - I transposed {$TodayISO}
{$SevenDaysAgoISO} variables in pagelist during my experiments. I feel
ashamed. It's 0:30 here, I'd rather go to bed.

As far as range and general comparison syntax is concerned,
$:XYZ=function(value) syntax looks to me as a best choice. It opens
door for future extensions. Last two syntaxes could offer same
extensibility, but they look so unusual (it's just feeling).

Thanks for your help,

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