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Thu Mar 22 17:22:21 CDT 2007

Latest version of PMWiki (well, downloaded about 3/4 weeks ago).

You can try any of the pages at


And the blocklist page is the same as PMWikis - Site.Blocklist

It wouldn't be anything to do with me being logged in as administrator 
would it?

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Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 23, 2007 at 12:04:13AM +0200, [] Jamie wrote:
>>    After reading one user's issues with spam I thought I'd investigate the
>>    blocklist function. Clearly there is something I'm missing here. Despite
>>    reading the explanation on this facility I'm uncertain of a couple of
>>    things:
>>    1. Can I just copy and paste the contents of Site.Blocklist on PMWiki as I
>>    see it? 
> Yes.  It's also possible to configure a site to automatically download that
> page once per day and use it.
>>    The page on blocklists tells me there are two formats (using /\)
>>    yet the page Site.Blocklist is just a list of blocked words. No sign of
>>    any forward or backward slashes.
> One format is a simple word format -- that's what you tend to see
> on pmwiki.org.  The other format is a regular expression format, which
> is denoted by using slashes.  Regular expressions allow patterns, checking
> for word boundaries, etc.
>>    2. If I do have to add slashes, where do I put them? The example 'block:
>>    /\.uni\.ch/' is a bad one because there's a .ch involved here, just to
>>    complicate simple brains like mine! How would you, for example, block the
>>    word viagra - do you just enter 'block:viagra'. 
> Yes, entering "block:viagra" will work, in that it will block
> any post containing the string "viagra".  But be careful, because
> something like "block:cialis" will end up blocking normal words
> like "specialist".
>>    If so, why can I still enter this word in a page entry?
>>    I've created my own Site.Blocklist page and added a list of blocked words.
>>    I have added to my config file the lines:
>>    $EnableBlocklist = 1;
>>    $EnableWhyBlocked = 1;
>>    Is there something I'm missing?
> I don't see anything you're missing.  Is there a url we could
> look at?
> What version of PmWiki are you running?
> Pm
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