[pmwiki-users] New: Flexible Hg Breadcrumbs & Pagenames

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Sun Mar 18 15:05:38 CDT 2007

Sunday, March 18, 2007, 3:01:13 PM, The wrote:

> BreadCrumbs
> Hg is designed to give you easy BreadCrumbs, while still allowing
> great flexibility. To set up a basic BreadCrumb effect, simply put the
> (:breadcrumb:) markup on your page. It will create a pretty, clickable
trail like Group >> SubGroup > SubSubGroup > Name. That's all you need
> to do! However, you can do more...

just testing, and getting error:

Warning: Missing argument 1 for hgBreadCrumb()

although the group links appear correctly.
I use (:breadcrumb:) and no Site.HgGroupTitles page

I have an additional request (same as i gave to Kathryn):
I would like to be able to suppress the page name in the 'breadcrumb'.
(I cannot get used to this name "breadcrumb")
So I like an $EnableBreadCrumbPageName var which i can set to false
and which will suppress the $outname part of hgBreadCrumb function.
Then I can have a crumb trail in the titlebar:

 Main > Test

and not

Main > Test > TestPageTitle



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