[pmwiki-users] Headers are not sending charset !

Athan foxx at freemail.gr
Mon Mar 12 08:59:57 CDT 2007

"Patrick R. Michaud" <pmichaud at pobox.com> wrote in message 
news:20070312132715.GC29823 at host.pmichaud.com...

> A second approach might be for PmWiki to treat xlpage-i18n as though
> it is a simple charset declration whenever an associated xlpage-*
> script doesn't exist.  Thus, if someone sets 'xlpage-i18n' to
> 'euc-jp', and there's no 'xlpage-euc-jp.php' file in the scripts/
> directory, then PmWiki defaults to setting the charset
> declarations in $HTTPHeaders and $HTMLHeaders.  But I'm not
> sure I like this solution...

With all respect to your opinion, what's the problem with such a solution?
If I understood, a min requirement for each xlpage-xxxx.php is to declare 
http and html headers. Then why don't do that in the core before including 
xlpage-xxxx.php, if one exists?

Anyway, I'm sure you know better what is the best method :)

PS: Still hope you consider a utf8-only core...


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