[pmwiki-users] Annoying question: Why do people switch to PmWiki?

Donald Z. Osborn dzosborn at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 10:44:01 CST 2007

Dear Kathryn, Andrew, Mark, Oliver, Jan, Pierre, Joshua, and Marc,

Thank you for your replies which are helpful and educational I'll keep the
group posted on discussions.

>From my point of view, PmWiki was easy to set up and is easy to maintain.
Support is excellent.

I particularly appreciate the potential to customize wikigroups and hope to
continue to explore what is possible with that. May venture into farming as

Language support is strong in many respects. This is critical for us in the
longterm. Some concerns:
* I do hope that utf-8 support will improve. (An initial brief experiment
with adding that option was not so positive.) Text displays beautifully as
is, but all non ISO-8859-1 characters are turned into dec codes, which is
not ideal for editing. And I would like to set up some more in extended
Latin scripts and Ethiopic/Ge'ez.
* Similarly RTL/bidi support for Arabic, though I know this is being worked
on. Words display fine but text alignment and behavior when LTR text is
inserted are problems.

It would also be helpful if there were a section/paragraph edit feature
especially on long pages (if it exists as an add-on I have not found it).

Thanks again.


On 3/8/07, Donald Z. Osborn <dzosborn at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've asked this before without getting any echo, but since there are some
> folks who have apparently switched to PmWiki from other wiki software, I'm
> interested to hear what their rationale was and what they feel about their
> experience since.
> I ask because there are people with whom I am in contact who have made
> intimations about the quality of MediaWiki. On the latter I like it a lot
> (per use in Wikipedia) and don't disagree, but I also like PmWiki a lot due
> to its adaptability among other things. Frankly PmWiki was easier to set up
> than some others I looked into a couple of years ago, but that is probably
> not a factor for people switching to it...
> Anyway, any feedback is welcome. "Case studies" may be useful in future
> discussions. TIA.
> Don
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