[pmwiki-users] Invisible Links

Doug LaMar dlamar at lamarsoft.com
Wed Mar 7 17:24:19 CST 2007

After upgrading to Version 2.1.27, many of the links on pages do not render. 
They do appear when the page is viewed in EDIT mode.

We have tracked this down to a point. Any link that includes the Base Group 
and more than one group deep in the path - fails to display on the page.

For example. Our Wiki highest level group is named ASTD

The following Link will appear: [[ASTD\Membership|membership]]

The following Link does not appear: [[ASTD\Membership\TeamMembers|Team 

the following link appears: [[Membership\TeamMembers|Team Members]]

Anyone know of a way to fix this short of editing every page with a link?

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