[pmwiki-users] Mutiple uploads - Photo Gallery

Tom Lederer pmwiki at celok.de
Thu Mar 1 07:32:23 CST 2007

Am 28.02.2007 um 23:18 schrieb Sandy:

> Chris Cox wrote:
>> Nicholas Buttle wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> We want a photo gallery but need a simple way to
>>> upload lots of images at a time, not one by one.
>>> Any way of doing this?
>> Well, apart from doing something drastic like webdav,
>> it would be fairly trivial to write a Cookbook that
>> accepts an archive file and unrolls it.  Just an idea.
>> I've written enhancements that did the converse, sends
>> the user an archive file of content.
>>> TIA
>>> Nicholas
> How about FTPing them up? You may still have to type the names of the
> files into the wiki page, but at least you can upload lots of them  
> at once.
> Sandy

maybe you want to have a look at WikiGallery: http://www.pmwiki.org/ 

This way you just define one "picture folder", and whatever you  
upload there via FTP is automatically included into the gallery. You  
can even create folders to have "albums". Worked out great for me.

Best Regards,

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