[pmwiki-users] Fox Security Settings

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Wed Jun 27 15:29:43 CDT 2007

Using the latest beta of pmwiki, I can`t get any of the Fox-Examples to work. I made a fresh and clean installation with the default skin & no other recipes activated - therefore I assume I didn´t get the security settings right.

I have a Site.FoxConfig with *.*: all 
I have a Config.php with:
$FoxConfigPageFmt = '$SiteGroup.FoxConfig';
$FoxAuth = 'ALWAYS';
$EnablePostDirectives = true;
$EnableAccessCode = true;
$EnableFoxDeleteMsg = true;

I have default passwords for admin and edit and AuthUser activated, but not modified.

- What is the most open security setting for Fox (just for testing)?
- Do I still need to modify the fox.php as suggested in the Cookbook, when I want FoxBlog to work?

Thank you for your help!

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