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Thu Jun 21 13:08:18 CDT 2007

Dear jdd,
In my opinion, a "How to create your own recipe" page would be a good  
thing. It probably already exists somewhere, but I could not
find it. I would be happy to work on it with you, if it does not  
exist. But I would request that you take out the nowrap directive if  
you can.
The long lines in code can be made to not wrap, and the lines of  
ordinary text that don't wrap are making it somewhat hard to read.

So, people, does this page exist?

On Jun 21, 2007, at 9:05 AM, jdd wrote:

> Hello,
> I find very often on the net, for example in the cookbook recipes, php
> scripts that are not exactly what I need.
> I often notice than I can with some thinking edit them to work (I'm
> not a programmer, however time ago I learned hex, assembly, pascal,
> Forth, C...).
> I have written a page for the cookbook, but right now it's only here:
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Profiles/RecipeForHackers
> because I wonder if this is appropriate. Of course I will publish the
> flash recipe in a normal way, but I think giving some tips and tricks
> is good, but I also fear some odd work by unexperienced users.
> So I need you advice:
> * is this a good thing to do
> * is it done well. I'm not english native, is this page sufficiently
> clean?
> * if necessary i delete it (from PmWiki). If to be kept, where?
> cookbook recipe? any new groups (hacker's group??)??
> thanks
> jdd
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