[pmwiki-users] List users with UserAuth2

ThomasP pmwikidev at sigproc.de
Thu Jun 21 11:21:29 CDT 2007


On Sat, June 16, 2007 22:36, Nicolas Poulain wrote:
> I'm newbie with pmwiki and trying to build a cms.
> With UserAuth2, is there a way of listing all the users for a group ?

there was something planned like this as part of the Admin report within
the Admin tool, but I have not yet implemented it.

In principle it would be also possible to have a markup for this, if this
was your intention.

If you feel confident you might try implementing it yourself - at the
moment I'm a bit busy. The workhorse function would have to work with
similar ingredients as

function getAllGroupsOfUser(...)

in userauth2.php, only the "mapping direction" would be just reversed.

Otherwise I hope to implement this within the summer.


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