[pmwiki-users] 2.2.0: add Site.SiteHeader and Site.SiteFooter

Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 09:00:06 CDT 2007

Having combed through the recent message traffic, I see no clear
consensus. Is there a PITS where the various options can be listed and
voted/commented upon? There appears to be interest in _some_ site-wide
group (I join that crowd). However, the obvious problem lies in how it
is named.

There is the issue of linking the site header to the group header. I'm
not sure if I like that. I should think that one would be allowed to
suppress one without affecting another. Coupling them together invites
opportunities where a local site would want de-coupling. Having them
decoupled should make it easier to couple them locally than the

As to AllGroupHeader, etc. The name 'AllGroupHeader' implies that this
header exists in all groups. "SiteHeader" implies something I
associate more with the mast; i.e, logo, slogan, name, etc. Perhaps
"PageHeader" localizes the header to a specific place? So, I think
what is needed is a clearer understanding of what this new header is
meant to solve.


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