[pmwiki-users] Problem using MarkupExpressions with ZAP variable

Benoit Dutilleul benoit.dutilleul at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 16 14:45:40 CDT 2007


I'm still working on this system to manage events and struggling with the
conversion of date and time into a timestamp. Now, I have a basic ZAP script
working but it seems that the ftime markup does not work with ZAP variables.

(:zapform key=AddEvent:)
(:input text EventYear:)
(:zap php_EventDate="strtotime|{EventYear}" AddEvent:)
(:zap EventDate="{php_EventDate}" AddEvent:)
(:zap savedata="EventDate" AddEvent:)
(:input submit:)


{(ftime %Y when="{$:EventDate}")}

Can somebody help?
Kind regards,

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