[pmwiki-users] [pmwiki-devel] Fatal error with pagelist

Christophe David pmwiki at christophedavid.org
Wed Jun 6 02:39:04 CDT 2007

>> I think I have around 400 pages or so, probably a little less. And
it only happens
>> occasionally...

I am using a lot a large pagelists (2.000 to 3.0000 pages), and
noticed this too.  It looks like the process sometimes reaches limits
on the server (memory, timeout, I do not know exactly yet).

I get this more often when I make (too) complex templates, especially
when they test if PageText Variables are defined like

(:if ! equal ({$:PTV1}) ():) , {$:PTV1}(:ifend:)

in order to avoid an "orphan"  ', ' separator if the variable is
empty.  But is is clearly asking a lot of processing...

By the way, it might be very useful to add one more conditional markup

(:if PTVdefined  ... :)

in the same spirit as (: if enabled ... :)

It would make such checks easier to use in the pages, and probably
would decrease the processing time too.  It would also be a good
workaround for the equal comparison not "quote safe" yet.


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