[pmwiki-users] zaptoolbox MEMBER MGMT

The Editor editor at fast.st
Tue Jun 5 16:27:18 CDT 2007

Martin, I've looked at your site, and can't for the life of me imagine
what could be the problem.  These are a couple long shots but you
could try:

1) Resetting the skin to the default PmWiki skin just in case there's
some kind of conflict.

2) Put AuthUser before ZAP. I don't really think this matters but it
might make a difference.

If anyone else on the list has possible ideas, I'm open to exploring
them. I'm thinking there must be some kind of conflict as it does seem
to be working on my system and no one else has noted any problems.

Another thing to test, is to try another method of
authentication--such as creating an account in Site.AuthUser and then
see if it produces the same result. That way we can narrow it down to
a ZAP problem or an AuthUser problem.

Let me know if neither suggestion above helps. I'll double check the
download code to make sure it matches what I have running on my


PS. I tried it with a capital letter--no difference. ZAP is fixed (I
think) for those kinds of problems now.

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