[pmwiki-users] RFC: Site-Admin group - second call

IchBin weconsultants at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 20:11:56 CDT 2007

Kathryn Andersen wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 02, 2007 at 07:27:07PM -0400, Vince Administration wrote:
>> I like everything about the idea except the name of the group.  I  
>> understand where it came from, but would much prefer
>> a simpler name, for example Admin, as Ryan has suggested. I realize  
>> you started with SiteAdmin, and added the
>> hyphen for possible cluster applications, but there is no real  
>> connection between the Site group and the (proposed) Site-Admin  
>> group, except that
>> they probably apply to the site.
> While I was the one who proposed Site-Admin, if people dislike it,
> that's enough for me to think again.  It seemed like a good idea at the
> time.  I agree that consistency probably outweighs that.
> Personally, I'd rather have SiteAdmin than Admin, though.  Because it's
> about administering the site, rather than administering other things.
> Kathryn Andersen

Yes, it all makes logical sense to brake out the admin pages. More than 
likely most have already have rules protecting those those pages. At 
least for UserAuth2 it will just take a '-rd_SiteAdmin.*' rule to lock 
them up. Also better too segregate then for future developmental additions.

The name fits the nomenclature better without out the '-'.  That is,
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