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Sameer Kumar skumar at eharch.com
Tue Jul 24 15:09:55 CDT 2007

Thanks for your quick response, Dominique.


Currently, when I arrive at the homepage, I see a default PmWiki login


How can I replace this with a customized login form which would offer a
link for registration of a new user?

How and where do I create the new user registration form?


Also, please see my response below to your previous questions:


On 7/24/07, Sameer Kumar <skumar at eharch.com> wrote:

> "Most certainly, the local/authuser directory itself is missing..."

> Does this mean that I should create this directory manually?


Yes, the recipe handle only the files, not the full directory path to




> Further on the issue of single-signon and authentication:


> Is there a recommended method of logon between the following:


> 1.      AuthUser with hardcoded userid's and passwds in the wiki


> 2.      AuthUser with LADP access for existing userids + passwords


> 3.      Single-Signon with mod_auth_sspi in apache



IMHO, you should choose the method according to your

"exploitation-context". The answer to some questions like below may

help you to decide:


Are you dealing with one our more operating system?

Ans: It would be either Windows or Mac OS.


How are your user authenticated on it/them?

Ans: We logon into our Windows Network (WinServer2003) through Windows
logon. I am not sure how the Mac OS users logon.


In an heterogeneous enviroment, are the all the different auth

mecanisms synched together?

Ans: I think they are. That is how we share all the network drives.


Is there a "politically-correct" way of leading user authentication in

your organization?

Ans: I don't know. What does that mean?


How many users are planned?

Ans: Around 30. It would not be a big deal to manually create the users
if we chose to.


Do they really need to be authenticated individually?

Ans: Yes, it is important to document the authors for the wiki to be






> I am running Apache on Windows XP and my understanding is that each of

> options are possible for my setup.


> I will appreciate any help on making this decision.






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