[pmwiki-users] breakpagelist problems - second try

Martin Spindler spindler at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Sun Jul 1 20:47:03 CDT 2007

Hi list,

does anybody of the more experienced users have any idea, how I could 
solve the following problems I have with the breakpagelist recipe:

* $PBLPageCount ALWAYS returns 10000 (instead of the real pagelist number)
* $BPLTo returns a multiple of $BPLEntiresPerPage (which works in general, but not on the last batch)

I tried all different kind of things to get the real page count, but 
with no success (I always get the 10000 returned). My guess is, that the 
problem might be caused due to the $when status of the (:breakpagelist:) 
markup . But this is only a guess, which doesn't help me a lot.

Any ideas?


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