[pmwiki-users] Nice URL strange problem!

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Wed Feb 28 10:28:15 CST 2007

Athan wrote:

> I'm using the known CleanUrls trick but seems not working with all urls.
there are several methods. I don't use rewrite but a wrapper script 
named "wiki". Seems to be simpler/clearer.


> http://www.example.com/wiki/PmWiki   turns to 
> http://www.example.com/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=PmWiki.PmWiki
> Any idea what can I do to prevent this ?

Did you read the mail "$EnablePathInfo not respected everywhere - 
solved" I posted one week ago?

Do you use authuser.php?

If you set $EnablePathInfo = 1 _after_ the line 
include_once("$FarmD/scripts/authuser.php");, default pages are 
redirected to the ?n= syntax.

Maybe this aplies also to other scripts.

Ceterum censeo these dependencies should be described in the script 
and variable descriptions.

Oliver Betz, Muenchen

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