[pmwiki-users] Speling and PmWiki

Dr Fred C drfredc at verizon.net
Mon Feb 26 17:15:58 CST 2007

There's the brute force technique of using your FTP file manager to 
correct the misnamed file(s) in your wiki.d folder at your host site and 
then change the wiki link name in your wiki page to match.  Preview 
during editing will tell you if the system  finds the wiki page or not.

Amongst other ways to fool the system as a work around an incorrect file 
name is to use a link like

[[<CorrectPageName> | <IncorrectPageName>]]

Ben Stallings wrote:
> Has anyone tried using Apache's mod_speling with PmWiki? 
> http://httpd.apache.org/docs/1.3/mod/mod_speling.html
> Does it correct typos in wiki page and group names, or only in actual 
> file and directory names?  If the latter, is there something similar 
> that can correct typos in page and group names?
> --Ben (who just created a misspelled page group because a client sent a 
> message with a typo to several thousand people)
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