[pmwiki-users] BlogSimple2: beta version

Jon Haupt jhaupt at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 16:22:20 CST 2007

> Monday, February 26, 2007, 7:23:27 PM, Tegan wrote:
> Tried to post a comment to the blog-entry corresponding to this
> email, and got an error page

Thanks, Tegan - I have fixed this problem.  I forgot to allow comments
to be posted to my comments pages in config.php.

On 2/26/07, Hans <design5 at softflow.co.uk> wrote:
> > Have you looked into the Fox-based blogging tool?  How would
> > you characterize the differences?
> I am not Jon, but can perhaps be allowed to contribute to this
> question:
> <excellent description of Fox and FoxBlog />

I'm excited about Fox - I really hadn't taken the time to look at it
yet.  I'll start that now.

> Setup of BlogSimple2 is more elaborate, so is setup of a FoxBlog:
> You need to paste code into a number of pages before it runs,
> in addition to installing the recipe and defining some special markup
> and page variables in config.php.

The way BlogSimple2 works now is actually fairly simple: you have to
add (:Blog:1:) to any page that you want included in your blog, and
you have to add the pagelist to any page on which you want to display
recent entries.  Everything else is cosmetic, basically.

> Jon, one thing I do not understand is your using page text variables
> in order to "making the blog posts appear the same when viewed as a
> wiki page and within a pagelist." Using BlogSimple in Triad skin the
> posts appear the same as Blog page or inside a pagelist which
> includes the blog pages. So I have not encountered the problem you are
> apparently solving.
> Hans
Ah, sure.  So, the difference was more noticeable with BlogSimple2
because I had put a lot of extra material in the pagelist template
that wouldn't show on the original page--mostly metadata, like title,
comments count, time of day/date, etc.  So if I had a blog page
Trips/Milwaukee, this post in my pagelist would be displayed with
comments count, a pretty centered title, links to edit the post and
add comments, a statement that I edited the post in the middle of the
night, etc., plus all of the divs for styling the posts.  None of that
appeared on the original Trips/Milwaukee page, because that was just
the page itself.  Now I have worked it out so that there's very little
difference between what you see at http://josquin.us under "Milwaukee"
and what appears under Trips/Milwaukee--indeed only the comments and
comment box are added.

I'm aware that this could've been done without page text variables --
but I found them an easy way to get it done.


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