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Tom Lederer pmwiki at celok.de
Tue Feb 13 19:06:43 CST 2007

Am 14.02.2007 um 01:36 schrieb sgp:

> sgp wrote:
>> So I decide to upgrade and found a few hurdles. The first one is that
>> {$FullPage} in the Site.SideBar resolves to the last displayed page,
>> not to the current page.
> Correction: {$FullPage} in the SideBar resolves to the SideBar page  
> and
> not to the real page. It's either broken or there should be another
> variable to reference the real page from the sidebar.


this is not a bug, this is a feature :)

short answer: you have to use {*$FullName} from now on to point to  
the current page. {$FullName} will mean the page it is written in  
from now on.

Long answer from ReleaseNotes:

> Page variables and page links inside of (:include:) pages are now  
> treated as relative to the included page, instead of the currently  
> browsed page. In short, the idea is that links and page variables  
> should be evaluated with respect to the page in which they are  
> written, as opposed to the page in which they appear. This seems to  
> be more in line with what authors expect. There are a number of  
> important ramifications of this change:

> We now have a new {*$var} form of page variable, which always  
> refers to "the currently displayed page". Pages such as  
> Site.PageActions and Site.EditForm that are designed to work on  
> "the currently browsed page" should generally switch to using {* 
> $FullName} instead of {$FullName}.

> The $EnableRelativePageLinks and $EnableRelativePageVars settings  
> control the treatment of links and page variables in included  
> pages. However, to minimize disruption to existing sites,  
> $EnableRelativePageVars defaults to disabled. This will give  
> existing sites an opportunity to convert any absolute {$var}  
> references to be {*$var} instead.

> Eventually $EnableRelativePageVars will be enabled by default, so  
> we highly recommend setting $EnableRelativePageVars = 1; in local/ 
> config.php to see how a site will react to the new interpretation.  
> Administrators should especially check any customized versions of  
> the following:
> Site.PageActions
> Site.EditForm
> Site.PageNotFound
> SideBar pages with ?action= links for the current page
> $GroupHeaderFmt, $GroupFooterFmt
> Page lists that refer to the current group or page, etc in  
> sidebars, headers, and footers

> The (:include:) directive now has a basepage= option whereby an  
> author can explicitly specify the page upon which relative links  
> and page variables should be based. If no basepage= option is  
> specified, the included page is assumed to be the base.

Better readable there: http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/ReleaseNotes

Hope that helps,
Best Regards,

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