[pmwiki-users] JITS ver.20070209 released

christian.ridderstrom at gmail.com christian.ridderstrom at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 15:20:39 CST 2007

On Fri, 9 Feb 2007, Jiri Hlad?vka / OBUTEX wrote:

> Details:
> The main features:
>    * you can have multiple issue tracking systems in the site (e.g.
>      CoreModules,Addons, Bundles, ...)
>    * all tracking systems are using a few shared standart PmWiki pages
>      placed in the JITS wikigroup.
>    * if ZAP modules and AuthUser enabled no further //cookbook/ files,
>      no //local/config.php/ customization.
>    * The issues lists can be filtered on several issue properties at once.
>    * The optional customization is provided by optional configuration
>      pages per <Group>.
>    * Easy to install
>    * Well documented in the Tutorial and a lot of comments inside the
>      pages source.
> Try live demo at http://www.revida.sk/wiki/index.php/Test/JitTests
> and login
> username: Test
> password: test

I'm looking for some kind of recipe for the wiki to help me build up a few 
"registers". Basically I'd like to have the following kinds of registers:

* Issue tracking system
* Register or drawings
* Register of cables

Do you think JITS would be suitable for implementing the latter two? (I'm 
assuming it'll be good at issue tracking...)

Would it be ok if I tried to set up some example registers at your 
test site, and asked you for help when/if I run into problems?  These 
examples could then serve as documentation/inspiration for other people.

Best regards,

Christian Ridderström, +46-8-768 39 44               http://www.md.kth.se/~chr

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