[pmwiki-users] EMail Form Spam

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Fri Feb 9 13:49:45 CST 2007

Finally activated ActionLog. And it's already given me a useful piece of 
information in the following line:

2007-02-09 14:36:35 - -  -  - emailform - Main.Feedback
It even matches with a spam received through the wiki email address.

Strange thing is, Main.Feedback doesn't exist anymore. I moved the page 
to its own group ages ago.

I'm using Emailform-s , which supposedly requires entry of a three-digit 
random code, but it looks like the spammer is circumventing that entirely.

The only other occurrence of "mail" in either the farmconfig.php or 
config.php is MailPosts, which uses a different email address.

Any ideas? Not the biggest source of spam I get, but I'd like to squash it.



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