[pmwiki-users] Table closed too early

Hugo Paulissen h.paulissen at fdcw.unimaas.nl
Thu Feb 8 14:21:49 CST 2007

This should have gone to the list, sorry..

> Of course -- we'll definitely help find recipe conflicts.
>> Should I just comment out the lines
>> include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/scriptname.php"); at the end of the
>> config.php one by one and refresh the page with the incorrect formatting
>> every time? I've switched off the SectionEdit recipe before because of
>> unexpected results; issues remain however...
> That's generally a good approach -- if something works with a
> recipe disabled and stops working when the recipe is enabled, that
> tells us where to start looking for a problem.
Thanks, the culprit seems to be the extendmarkup recipe (Version 2.0.59)


We need this because of the footnotes-extension (which works very good). 
When I installed the recipe I wondered if it would be possible to only 
use this extension (actually we do not need all the other ones)



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