[pmwiki-users] White or inaccessible pages caused by EnablePageIndex

EXT / GFI GAGNAIRE Thierry ext.gfi.gagnaire at sncf.fr
Thu Feb 8 08:37:54 CST 2007



I had had this night a sequence where no page was accessible :


I wanted to optimize index and I added this line in my config.php :

$EnablePageIndex = 1


As I was following the page documentation :



(I was able to verify that on my server, a file wiki.d/.pageindex did
exist with the right permissions : 666).


As soon as I removed the line ($EnablePageIndex = 1) from my config.php,
PmWiki worked again fine.


Do you know some issue about this ?




bye - Cordialement, 

Thierry G. 


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