[pmwiki-users] pmwiki.php is downloaded

Borkenkaefer borkenkaefer at tiscalinet.ch
Mon Feb 5 14:41:35 CST 2007


> as i just did the same thing this week (change provider) i had the  
> exact same problem. I did simply copy it over, and tried it. It  
> helped me a lot to have the error logs available from the new  
> provider, so i was able to track it down to some cookbook inclusion  
> problems where the main file included another file with a relative  
> path (i.e. include_once('part2.php') instead of include_once 
> ('cookbook/recipe/part2.php'). This error prevent any output, and so  
> the file was blank just as yours is.
good idea to split up things, i'll try this. unfortunately i don't have
access to any logs.

> I would start deactivating all recipes in the config.php and see if  
> that works. If you have no error log available switch them on one by  
> one, and see if that helps you to narrow it down, or if pmwiki does  
> not run without any recipes either. Then i would be of no help, i am  
> afraid so.
it's an installation from scratch, without any recipes.

> Best Regards (in die Schweiz?)
Axalphüsli - of course...

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