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Thu Aug 23 12:40:40 CDT 2007

Hallo!My names are Joe Mwangi.I am a 22 year old Kenyan citizen who is developing a wiki website using pmwiki package.Unfortunately,I am having a few problems doing so.
  I have been trying to use the zap package to manage member accounts.Below is a form that I have provided for new users to register into the wiki website. 
  ||Preferred Username:%red%*%% ||(:input text Member:)
  ||Preferred Password:%red%*%% ||(:input password Password:)
  ||Surname: ||(:input text Surname:)
  ||First Name: ||(:input text FirstName:)
  ||City/Town of Residence: ||(:input text City:)
  ||Email: ||(:input text Email size=50:)
  ||Profession: ||(:input select Profession Developer:) (:input select Profession Student:) (:input select Profession Academic/Lecturer:) (:input select Profession Investor:) (:input select Profession User:) (:input select Profession Other:) 
  || ||(:input submit value="Register":)
  (:input hidden savedata="Email,Password,Surname,FirstName,City,Profession":)
  (:zap login="auto":)
  The form works well and a new user is registered and is automatically logged in once they fill the form.This basic task is not enough for me.
  I need to have a form where a user can update their details at a later time.Please provide me with a correct code syntax for creating an update form based on the code above.
  In addition,I need to know how to create an administrator account using the zap package.The administrator should be able to view all the user records and delete any record.An ordinary user should also be able to view his/her account details.
  Please respond as soon as possible with possible solutions to my problems above and I will be infinitely grateful.Thanks in advance.

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