[pmwiki-users] Yet another blogging thingie

Steve Glover steve at fell-services.net
Tue Aug 21 04:53:06 CDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-08-20 at 13:41 -0400, Andy Kaplan-Myrth wrote:

> I'm writing to ask that any blog standard that develops *not* require 
> embedding creation date in the page names.

This is where I'd really like there to be more than one standard....

> When I started out, I used one of the blogging scripts that named pages 
> with the creation date, but I really didn't like that -- it felt like 
> committing too much to the blog format, declaring each page as a blog 
> page. I much prefer finding a way to adapt any wiki page so it appears 
> in a blog-style listing, without defining each page as a blog post at 
> all (or minimally).

I would like to at least keep the option of using pagenames with dates
in them. I'm currently looking to replace the skinned blosxom blog I'm
using for my site's news pages with something based in PmWiki (saves
having people remember more than one password, and means I can lose the
xml-rpc based editor that relies on users remembering to use HTML and
not wiki markup) 

It also looks as if BalusBlog's year, month and day pages can be mapped
(by mod_rewrite, if nothing else) onto the equivalent views in blosxom,
so I should be able to import old news (I guess I can live with not
having named anchors on the 'day' pages....

It would also be useful to be able to have two separate groups going:
one for the news-based material described above, and another for event
planning (I initially looked at using one of the calendar recipes for
this) and discussion.

Is pagelist clever enough, if presented with a selection of pages with
YYYMMDD in the name, to list past and future pages separately? We'd like
to be able to treat upcoming events differently from those in the past
without having to manually move them from one area to another....

> There are a few advantages to this approach. One is that the blogs pull 
> entries from all of the groups. I work with a few organizations so I 
> have some groups that are private to everybody but members of those 
> groups. But if pages in those groups are in the blog categories, then 
> those entries will show up on the homepage blog listing -- but only for 
> members who are logged in. So it's like an automatically customized blog 
> for each of the groups I work with.

I'm doing something like this, too, but with different groups on the
site - some for our techies, some for the outreach/publicity types, and
some just for playing around 'in back'.

> The main thing I'm missing is a good RPC interface. I tried an XML/RPC 
> script some time back but couldn't get it to work and gave up. If pmwiki 
> were compatible with the wordpress api or the blogger api, then I could 
> even post to my blog from other websites, as well as a blog manager. To 
> me, that's the missing link in the pmwiki-blog puzzle. Any takers?

There's irony: it was the xml/rpc input for blosxom that had me looking
for a way to merge the news section into PmWiki in the first place!



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