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Tegan,Neil -- this is exactly what I was looking for thanks!!!!

Tegan Dowling <tmdowling at gmail.com> wrote:  On 8/13/07, wiki question wrote:
> We are setting up a wiki at work for an entire department. I am looking for
> a standard set of procedures to publish outlining the basic rules of
> engagement for wiki content. Has anyone put together a list of
> procedures/rules on how one should behave in a wiki community?
> i.e sign all content, don't change other workers content/page without
> authoring it or informing the original author. how to properly site other
> workers input, anything else that could be deemed necessary....

You may find something useful at http://www.wikipatterns.com, which is
Atlassian's "toolbox of patterns & anti-patterns, and a guide to the
stages of wiki adoption. It's also a wiki, which means you can help
build the information based on your experiences!"

Its focus is on what Atlassian calls "enterprise wikis", which sounds
like what you're tackling.

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