[pmwiki-users] pmgraphviz problem: No Image on Web Page?

Prasad Burra burrashiva at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 11:53:39 CDT 2007

Hi ,
can some body help me out with this problem.
I installed pmgraphviz.php
I installed on the server graphviz. Its running perfectly..I
tested..its generating the files.

and I edited the config.php and pasted the lines

$PmGraphVizCacheDir = "$FarmD/pub/pmgraphviz";
$PmGraphVizDotPgm = "/home/parisodh/bin/bin/dot";
$PmGraphVizCacheDirUrl = "$FarmPubUrl/pmgraphviz";
$PmGraphVizConvertPgm = "/usr/bin/convert";


when I pasted the following example script from pmwiki home:
(:pmgraphviz -- [=
   digraph {
      "hello" -> "world";
=] :)

its not showing the image ...
where am I making mistake...

I forgot to mention that, the image is being saved in the
$FarmD/pub/pmgraphviz directory..but , just that its not being
displayed on the web page??

what could be the problem ?
thank you

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