[pmwiki-users] RFR: XTodo Redux . . .

Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 11:25:12 CDT 2007


I am about to do a radical overhaul of XToDo, which has not been
actively developed in nearly two years. Julian Kamil was the previous
developer. I plan on taking a diverging move and wanted to solicit
stakeholder requests (features). This change is to scratch my own
itch, but if a few others can be scratched, more the better. I know
various users over the months have had problems with XToDo.

The hugest change will be to not use wiki pages to hold XToDo
metadata. Instead, I will be creating a JSON object stored in a
directory (e.g. $FarmD/xtodo.d). Presently, when one attempts to view
an XToDo object by viewing its wiki metadata page, one is greeted with
blank silence. JSON has the advantage of being a universal standard,
which allows the todos to be observed by any tool. An added advantage
is being able to offer the data as a web service (JSON instead of
XML). However, the user interface will integrate with PmWiki.

There may also be some GTD behavior, as I am a fan (though not pure devote).

I will likely take a hiatus from my own Python project to focus on
this and anticipate something in the ensuing week.

Ben Wilson
"Words are the only thing which will last forever" Churchill

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