[pmwiki-users] local redefinition of a CSS class

Christophe David pmwiki at christophedavid.org
Fri Aug 3 14:05:54 CDT 2007

> So, at least in beta63, there doesn't seem to be a way to
> so I'll see about coming up with a fix at some point.
> As an external stylesheet (e.g., pub/css/local.css), one could do:

Thanks a lot for your help.

What about putting the markup found in

   Markup('stylesheet', '<[=',
     "\$GLOBALS['HTMLStylesFmt'][] = PSS('$1')");

in the core, so that

span.redsmall, span.redsmall a

%redsmall% [[Main.HomePage]]

could be set in any page ?

Ideally, the (:stylesheet:) markup should be "invisible" on a page and
the >>comment<< should not be necessary.

Would that be a good solution ?


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