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In your case it appears to be taking all the \ characters 

literally. I am guessing that it's a php configuration

thing. You could try changing that line to:


            $v = preg_replace("/([\\\]+\\n)+$/",'',



and see what you get...

I did the above and it is not adding \\ anymore. So, as of now, it



>4. The discussion page links.




If you add the following line *before* you load wikiform.php:


    if ($action=='view') $action = 'browse';


that *might* fix it. However, if the other recipe relies on

you might have to load that recipe before you load wikiform.php.


This works too now. Thank you very much.


As of now, I think I have it all in order. My links work properly except
for a few minor details which I shall worry about later. 





The ability to link to a page using its title is not part of pmwiki's

functionality AFAIK. So I think what you are really saying is that using

numbered page names makes them harder to link to when the numbered

pages have been given titles. This is true of any pmwiki page containing

a (:title:) directive -- to link to a page, you need to know its name.


Because several people have wanted to link to a form-generated page

using that page's title, I created the formtitle.php script. Let's come

back to this when the other problems are resolved -- it adds another

layer of complexity. I think we will be able to achieve what you want,

*provided that* the authors always fill in the title field.


Yes, if I can now have some way for the people to easily link the pages
using the (:title:), that would be the icing on the cake.





The best idea I can think of is to create text pages of the form:


Projects.00001-Museum instead of Projectstext.00001 or



That way, you can expand the name around the -- and use the

numeric prefix to link to the form page with the alphabetic

suffix as the title.


However, this doesn't meet your wish to be able to link to

[[museum]]. So I think yiu might be faced with a trade-off

between convenience and robustness. You can have a fragile

solution with memorable page names or a robust solution

with numeric page names.


If I can link to the title of the page, I may not need anything else. As
I said, I am pretty fine with what it does right now.






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