[pmwiki-users] Doesnt remember password in config.php

SuneDK pmwiki at nym.hush.com
Thu Aug 2 06:44:42 CDT 2007


After the latest upgrade to 2.2.0-beta63 (from beta62), PmWiki doesnt remember the edit-password set
in config.php, between browser sessions.
(Example: $DefaultPasswords['edit']='$1$Hf4.EM5.$PzcZifZSIX6LuPIYoCx8r.';)

I used to be able to close my browser and/or my PC and it would remember the password.

Only difference I made to the configuration was to delete the old Site.* files.
I dont think I had set anything in the old Site.* files nor the new SiteAdmin.* files.

Is that a bug?


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