[pmwiki-users] Need a New Forms recipe

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Wed Aug 1 00:30:45 CDT 2007

As Zap is, but the author's own admission, an abandoned recipe.
I'm looking for another forms "engine" that I can use.

I have created a very simple TO DO system and the model is working well.
I'm pretty happy with my current architecture,
but am nervous about using ZAP to develop anything further and am 
looking for
forms recipes from authors who are committed to PMwiki...

as a "naive admin" who know no PHP ( I can read it and get the idea
but... that's about it...) I need something super simple.

I have a small TODO form that appears globally on all site pages.

When you fill in the form, the ZAP engine generates
a data page in new group folder and pages within it like this;


The data on the data pages looks like this:

(:Project: HTDE-MediaViewer:)
(:Owner: Andre:)
(:Priority: 2-Hi:)
(:Status: Open:)
(:Description: Submit Functional Specification proposal for new media 
(:returnpage: HTDE-MediaViewer.FunctionalSpecification:)

where the "returnpage" is a the page from which the TODO was originally 

That's all there is to it.. with this simple model for input, I can then
can use PMwiki's marvelous pagelist magic to display these any way,
anywhere any how: staff can see their TO DO's the TO DO' attached
to a given propect page are made to appear in the Site.AllGroupMenu
section. Home pages for a group show all the TODO's for the entire
group... TODO's for a particular project are in their own folder, and 
a flat file documentation trail of tasks that went into any project
etc.  I'm really happy the way's it is working...

I built this after abandoning
XtoDo because I found the XToDO recipe has serious limitations
  fragmenting the knowledge base for any given project.. no way to
tie TO Do's across multiple projects in motion to staff etc.
and my system is built to over come those issue....and it works, sort of...

Any ideas on an alternative forms engine-cookbook?
The requirements are really simple

1) take the form data
2) create a new page (and a new group if necessary)
   the group name of the new page
       on the group the current page is in prepended with "TODO-"
3) and the page name itself is a thread number that is increment.
Presently the ZAP engine is generating unique ID's as integers
but across groups we get... duplicate page names...e.g.



This latter requirement is flexible... any kind of unique ID which is 
the actual
page name, will suffice. I just took this from ZAP's forum model.


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