[pmwiki-users] SelectQuery development: database records as pages?

Ben Stallings Ben at InterdependentWeb.com
Sat Sep 30 09:39:59 CDT 2006

Kathryn Anderson wrote,

> But having something that can act as an easy portal to a database (even
> better if it is database-agnostic, since I tend to use SQLite rather
> than MySQL for website databases) that could use the power of the
> database for selecting and sorting, but the convenience of pagelist
> templates for formatting its records, that would be great!

Thanks again for the feedback, folks.  I think what I'm going to do is 
start from ground level with the PEAR MDB2 project 
(http://pear.php.net/package/MDB2 -- an "abstraction layer" that works 
with 8 different databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite) and 
try to produce output that can be styled with pagelist templates... and 
ideally that can fool both pagelists and FASTData into treating database 
records as pages.  We'll see!  I'm sure I'll be back to ask for help at 
regular intervals.  ;-)  --Ben

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