[pmwiki-users] PmWiki Magazine proposed Submission/ApprovalProcess

Américo Albuquerque aalbuquerque at lanowar.sytes.net
Fri Sep 29 15:26:20 CDT 2006

On Fri, 29 Sep 2006 15:05:03 -0400, Sandy wrote:
 > Following Pm's method of pulling out bits to comment on.
 > On Pm as "Administrator, Lord of All He Surveys"
 > Boils down to the fact that I trust him. He knows the system inside out.
 > He won't let incorrect or incomplete advice get through. He won't squash
 > differing opinions unless they are dangerous. Not that he's the only one
 > here I trust at that level, but he's the obvious choice, especially for
 > the technical articles.
It's his website, by that he should be administrator. I hope PM doesn't 
take me wrong, I'm new to the list and to the software to be able to say 
"I trust him to do this or that". I trust him because of what he is, 
with time I'm sure I'll trust him for who he is.

 > On drafts being confused with published articles.
 > Don't let it happen. I don't care how you do it, but if they appear on
 > the site search under any category (and there are good reasons for
 > this), make the "draft" part obvious. Like with Cookbook-v1. I've been
 > known to get lots pages listed for a search, then not realize the link I
 > clicked on was in Cookbook-v1.
Why just not use the word "Draft" in the title of the article? Then when 
the article is ready for publishing just remove the "draft" part

 > On drafts being visible to all.
 > Author's choice. When I'm ready for a beta read when writing
 > fanfic, I'll put the story up on a hidden part of my site and point them
 > to it. That way they can look at it and decide they don't want to,
 > rather than saying Yes and then realizing it's not what they were 
Actually I'm more in favour of drafts being visible than not. With a 
comments recipe/core feature, a visible draft can be commented while 
it's being written. Those comments can help the author to improve the 
article. The author would have the option to not allow comments.

 > On Proposal and Acceptance.
 > If I'm reading right, Acceptance will be silence, and the main benefit
 > from the proposal stage is advertising that an article is being written.
 > [1] Maybe change it to "Articles in progress", and give a date /
 > ?monthly? progress mini-reports (so we know it's still active). If you
 > want to write one similar, email the author of the first and see what
 > happens. Chances are you'll become co-author, 1st reviewer, or write an
 > alternate approach -- all good things. Only bad thing would be two
 > authors to write essentially the same article.
I don't see much benefit in the proposal stage unless articles can be 
refused. If not then it should be announcement stage, where an author 
announces his intent in writing an article about a subject

Américo Albuquerque

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