[pmwiki-users] field admin permissions oddness

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Fri Sep 29 13:24:28 CDT 2006


<?php $Version="pmwiki-2.1.26"; $VersionNum=2001026; 

Within a wiki farm, when I successfully log-in to a field (via 
authuser), then navigate to another field, the user remains logged in 
but is retaining the rights given by the original field.

Remaining logged in is good, but the rights should not follow, as I 
understand it.

Then, when I navigate back to the original field, where I logged in, the 
user has been logged out. This shouldn't happen (and doesn't happen on 
other wikis in the farm).

However, when I return to the second field, I am still logged in (with 
the user name used at login).

The logged in user retains the rights to any groups that share the same 
name between the two fields. The obvious problem being the admin group.

I spotted this on an existing farm, so to test it, I created a new field 
and the new field exhibits this behaviour.

I've tried a variety of different users.

I've probably badly misunderstood something, but PmWiki.WikiFarms/Why 
use a farm? says:

  From a reader's point of view, each wiki in a farm is completely
  independent, and appears as a separate web site. Each wiki in a farm:
  * can have its own administrator responsible for local configuration

The farm has no home wiki - /pmwiki/wikilib.d only contains the default 
Pmwiki and Site groups. In all other ways, behaviour is normal.


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