[pmwiki-users] How To Help Fight Spam on PmWiki.org

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Fri Sep 29 10:08:31 CDT 2006

On Sep 29, 2006, at 10:21 AM, Pico wrote:

> (4) Blocklist: This is *the most important step*.  If you fix a  
> spammed page,
> particularly where PmWiki content was totally overwritten by spam,  
> then you can,
> and *should* add the spammer's IP address to the block list at  
> Site.Blocklist.
> The password is "quick"  Follow the pattern of other entries and  
> enter the first
> three sets of ip numbers, with an asterisk for the 4th set, and no  
> leading
> zeros, and place it at the appropriate (sorted) location.

This spammer keeps changing IP addresses.  But loves certain name- 
brand watches.

If you add said name-brand to the blocklist as in:

It will stop people from using that name brand on the website.  Since  
we're unlikely to be talking about spammy watches on PmWiki.org, this  
is fine.

Another possibility is to take the recurring part of the links  
they're trying to post -- usually the domainname.com portion.


note that this is only necessary for spammy people savvy enough to  
put up listings that fall under the # of links that are blocked on  
PmWiki.org.  PmWiki.org probably blocks a post if there's more than 5  
unapproved links in the post.

To approve a page's links, make sure they're real links, click on  
"approve links" and use the same password mentioned by Pico.  This  
approves ALL links on the page, so check those unapproved links  
before clicking!

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