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Fri Sep 29 05:23:19 CDT 2006

On Sep 28, 2006, at 4:49 PM, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> It also shows why we really ought to have a good
> comprehensive membership management system that integrates
> well with PmWiki; either as part of the core or as a
> well-maintained recipe that is maintained along with the core.

I already expect to tie-in the ability for an admin or group of  
@admins to manage the mysql user database I created with  
XesAuthUserDbase from within the Wiki.  That feature along with an  
option to email an admin when a new user completes their registration  
will help achieve this goal.

After that, I will wrestle with Koopsmailinglist to create a wikified  
tie-in to manage newsletters.  If/when we have the ability to  
encapsulate the HTML output of any specific page into a variable a  
recipe can use, I'll make it an option to send a specific page in the  
wiki or to use a webform to send an email to the list (which is one  
way you can use Koops as it stands).

Does that work?  What other features would such a system require?   
Would you want to be able to manage groups from the admin panel,  
because that was one consideration I had when I first conceived of  
XesAuthUserDbase, then decided it was very easy to manage groups from  
Site.AuthUser.  One feature I would suggest from Site.AuthUser is the  
ability to nest groups, however.  [ @moderators: @forumowners, joe,  
kelly, sue ]  It has the potential to save a lot of repetitive  
typing.  If that already exists, I didn't see it mentioned in the  
documentation on Site.AuthUser

XesAuthUserDbase has:
	- user self-sign-up
	- email validation of the user (I should make this one optional in  
the future, so you can simply have people sign up without email  
validation -- the admin may want to personally validate/approve  
	- user can request password change if they've lost their password  
(sends them another email validation)
	- user can manage their password and email address

I have a to-do list on the documentation page for some tweaks I would  
like to make.  Ben Wilson would also like us to merge the forks of  
XesAuthUserDbase and AuthUserDbase back together for a single  
solution to multiple issues, and I agree with this.  The less recipes  
there are floating around the more clear it is what recipe people need.

The methodology I use for users to self-sign on may be able to be  
extended to (htaccess &/or in-wiki only) AuthUser signups.  However,  
while this is certainly necessary on some sites, I still use PmWiki  
with a global edit password as a single-user website management  
program, and I still use it as an entirely anonymous open-edit  
system.  Adding comprehensive user management to the core may or may  
not be wiki-ish.  I personally consider it more a feature of CMS  
systems than wikis, and although I won't argue about putting this  
feature into the core, I do consider it approaching the point of  
incorporating a feature many people will consider very optional.

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