[pmwiki-users] allowing existing vbulletin users to edit a pmwiki powered wiki

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Thu Sep 28 21:49:03 CDT 2006

On Sep 28, 2006, at 10:13 PM, Rodney Blackwell wrote:

> On 9/28/06, Ben Wilson <dausha at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I believe AuthUserDbase (or XesAuthUserDbase) will allow you to use
>> the vBulletin board user table. I finally got AuthUserDbase to work
>> (still need to publish the code), after allowing it to sit  
>> tantalizing
>> for a few months. In the interim, Xes co-opted the code, fixed it and
>> improved on it.
> Thanks for the point in the right direction, Ben :)
> Are there any published instructions (that you or anyone else knows
> of), that explain how to take the AuthUserDbase (or XesAuthUserDbase)
> and adapt it for a vbulletin forum?
> I saw a user Tim had snippet of code posted here:
> http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.wiki.pmwiki.user/21703/ 
> match=vbulletin
> But I wasn't able to dicern whether this was the finished working  
> code or not.

I think it's relatively simple for AuthUserDbase.

1) look at the database for vbulletin
2) grab the name of the database & table
3) get the names of the "fields" that have the username and the password
4) make sure you have the connection info for the database server  
(you needed this to install vbulletin!)

I have no idea if the database encryption is md5 or sha1 (or crypt()  

Follow these instructions (derived from http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/ 

Add to config.php:

$AUDBaseEncryption = ''; // either md5 (default) or sha1 -- if md5  
you can leave this out

$AUDBaseDBase = array(
	'host' => 'yourdatabasehost',
	'db' => 'thedatabasename',
	'user' => 'databaseusername',
	'password' => 'yourdatabasepassword'

$AUDBaseTable = array(
	'table' => 'thetablename',
	'userfield' => 'fieldcontainingusername',
	'pwfield' => 'passwordfieldname'

// use correct filenames!  I'm tired and lazy

That should do it, except for the change to Site.AuthUser -- see the  
AuthUserDbase documentation for what to do.

I think that's all you need?

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