[pmwiki-users] Decision to make more use of PmWiki

Donald Z. Osborn dzosborn at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 20:44:29 CDT 2006

I've decided to try to use PmWiki more extensively in my evolving project
website. I originally saw it only as a good way of collecting and sharing
information collaboratively. Now, in part after reading some of the recent
list traffic on other uses of the software, I'm seeing it might be useful in
kind of community building context. So, in addition to allowing more (1)
focus on content and (2) other people writing the content, it might be (3)
capable of serving as a tool for other goals of the site. Actually it seems
like I've been staring at the answer while looking at other diverse

>From what I understand of the PmWiki system, wikigroups will be more
appropriate for our needs than wikifarms (crosssearching being a major
issue). However there are 2 quick questions. First, if I understand
correctly there is no problem going over 50 wikigroups?

Second, I understand one can use different skins on different groups, but
how about different languages? Mainly concerned about French and Portuguese,
but others, including RTL scripts (Arabic, and very possibly the world's
first N'ko wiki [it's in Unicode 5.0]), are possible.

There are other questions for later.

BTW, one factor in this decision is confidence in the support offered by
Patrick and other members of this group.Thanks and best to all.

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